Why pick us? It is simple. We do it all.

We are the only full service uniform company.

Once you choose the design, we handle every other detail, so you don’t have to.

  • We personally fit every member of your club from the smallest to the tallest in a well-fitting, comfortable and flattering jersey. We can accommodate any unusual size requests outside of our vast size range. Children’s 7 to Women’s 2x.
  • We print your team name and numbers on the jerseys and embroidery the pants, jacket and backpacks or duffles.
  • We deliver the uniform packages individually sorted by player to the coaches to distribute.
  • We don’t leave when delivery is done. We are with you through the entire season and will handle any issue that may arise in a timely manner that does not impact your season.
  • Our line is produced in the U.S. Actually, it is produced in our backyard, Seattle, so close attention is paid to every step of the process ensuring great quality and timely delivery.
  • Competitive pricing. All this and we are still reasonably priced!
  • Our unique fit accentuates the female athlete’s body and is the product of watching and adjusting until we had the perfect fit.
  • Long “volleyball fit” sleeves, slightly contoured at the waist and longer in the front and the back.